Integrative Corporate Wellness Platform

Mevident is an integrative corporate wellness platform company. Mevident offers companies with the following service offerings.

  • Health and wellness strategy development.
  • Wellness program management services.
  • Onsite wellness provider services.
  • Integrative wellness web platform.

Improving health of employees became a critical strategy for most corporations. However, challenges exist in implementing a program design that delivers intended outcomes.

Mevident's takes the following approach to support our corporate clients.

Step 1: Develop a clear health and wellness strategy that contributes to the overall corporate business strategy.

Step 2: Develop a program implementation plan based on the strategy including a program design, communication plan, engagement strategy and monitoring plan.

Step 3: Bring in its network of local providers on-campus in implementing programs.

Step 4: Leverage the web platform to engage employees in continuous wellness activities.

If you are interested in Mevident's services, please contact us at:

(415) 513-0053